my purple twisted professor and his purple twisted crocodile

My Purple Twisted Professor Who Was Bit By His Purple Twisted Crocodile.

My purple twisted professor was a very strange man.

He had a purple twisted crocodile who was very difficult to care for and often too much to bare.

One day my purple twisted professor was attacked by his purple twisted crocodile so he ran.

When my twisted purple professor ran so did his purple twisted crocodile who ran to eat a bear.

So that’s how my purple twisted professor who I did not like was bit by a purple twisted crocodile which my class was grateful for.


The Door

So here I am staring at this door at the end of a hallway in an Egyptian pyramid wondering so, what lies ahead of this door. Could it be a storage room? Could it be a room full of treasure? Could it be burial room, or could it just be an empty room? The world may never know.