week 25 2018

As the prisoner was packing provisions for the journey to Mexico, he thought about how he was going to liberate himself from the prison. Then he realized that he could notify his contacts on the outside and get an access card to the roof, were he could have a helicopter pick him up. Later that day his contact got him the access card and somebody to pick him up. That night he escaped his cell and got on the roof where he was never picked up.

“But how did he get up there?” is the question everybody had.

week 24 2018

“What is this doing here?” I question myself as I stumbled upon the massive tea cup. “Are there giant tea drinking people around here.” With a confused expression I start looking for any signs of other people. Soon I find a large crowd of people behind a taped off area. “What are you guys doing?” I asked them.

“We’re watching the making of a movie about giants.” Responded a lady “Are you an actor?”

“No, why?” I responded with a confused look.

“Because you were on the movie set.” The lady responded

At that moment I realized were I was.