week 30 2018

“Have any packages arrived in the mail?” I questioned my roommate over the phone “ I knew the airport would not let me take it on the plane so I mailed the package home.”

“Yeah there was a package, but it’s not there anymore.”

“When did it arrive?” I said “And what do you mean there was a package?”

“It arrived yesterday, but it arrived while I was in the shower, so by the time I came out to get it somebody had stolen it, and the camera did not get a clear look at their face.” my roommate said quietly.

week 27 2018

One day Michael, Mark, and Matt went on a safari trip.

Halfway through their trip their jeep broke down in the middle of the savanna, so Michael decided that he would walk back the way they came.

After two hours Mark decided to go look for Michael.

After another two hours neither Mark nor Michael had returned so Matt went looking for them. As Matt was looking he started to be chased by the natives just like his friends although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress, so they stopped running and hid in the trees.

week 25 2018

As the prisoner was packing provisions for the journey to Mexico, he thought about how he was going to liberate himself from the prison. Then he realized that he could notify his contacts on the outside and get an access card to the roof, were he could have a helicopter pick him up. Later that day his contact got him the access card and somebody to pick him up. That night he escaped his cell and got on the roof where he was never picked up.

“But how did he get up there?” is the question everybody had.

week 24 2018

“What is this doing here?” I question myself as I stumbled upon the massive tea cup. “Are there giant tea drinking people around here.” With a confused expression I start looking for any signs of other people. Soon I find a large crowd of people behind a taped off area. “What are you guys doing?” I asked them.

“We’re watching the making of a movie about giants.” Responded a lady “Are you an actor?”

“No, why?” I responded with a confused look.

“Because you were on the movie set.” The lady responded

At that moment I realized were I was.

week 6 2018

Today Mark and I had prearranged to fly a new experiment 2 pilot jet. When we got in the jet mark dropped his joking attitude and became sedate. When we took off in the jet we instantly started gaining altitude we were moving very fast when BOOM the after burner exploded. We were over a remote area so we were less concerned were the jet was going to crash. As we jumped out of the jet it crashed into a ridged cliff. We instantly felt embarrassed for we had tried to go too fast too soon.

week 4 2018

“I wonder if the window cleaning is easily manageable?” Dad questioned as we looked the elegant building.

“Do you think that the occupants of the local area are bothered by the private helicopters that have a high frequency of landing on the building?” Asked mom.

“I don’t know. Do you think that the CEO of the building is a haughty person.” The little boy responded

“Well because you’re on probation from electronics, so I think we should go to the park.” The mom said to the little boy

week 3 2018

Before the red snake cycled around inside the spacious hamper the inconsiderate family thought the snake was a liable house guest considering the fact they lived in the jungle and frequently allowed wild animals in there house. They never had problems with animal house guests but the last time they had a human house guest he tried to steal there expensive clock, but they intercepted him at the front door and asked him to return the clock and never come back.

week 1 2018

                In the beginning an asteroid hit the earth killing all of the dinosaurs. Now its 70 million years later and another asteroid is headed toward earth except this time it won’t kill millions of simple dinosaurs. It will kill billions of complex people and destroy everything they have worked so hard to fight for. What do we do…

week 6

Murder or Accident

John saw potential in everything. He was included in many petitions petitioning to restore rivers and streams. Most people are making the assumption that he drown by accident this is because on his free time he would go river diving to clean up the rivers, but some evidence shows that he was murdered. Companies who dumped trash into the rivers did not like John or his petitions this makes them a likely suspects for his murder. But there is no rock solid evidence – yet.


The explosion

“Quick I heard an explosion” said Tom. As Tom and Mark arrive at the exploded chemical storage they notice that they are going to have to clean up the chemicals. So as they get their hazmat suits out of there cases and put them on they try to identify the unknown chemicals. After they find out chemicals what types of chemicals are on the ground they started to clean them up.